Sometimes We Drift
   by Douglas Crotty

Thank you for dropping in to my website.
I'm Douglas Crotty, author of Sometimes We Drift: Poems of Regret, Ruination, and Renewal. 

I greatly appreciate your time and interest, and hope you will find my book helpful on your path to discovering and being YOU. 

About the Author
Douglas Crotty lives in North-Central Florida, where he enjoys numerous outdoor activities and living his dream. He is presently at work on another collection of poems, in addition to developing a series of childrens books entitled, If You Look, which teach an awareness and appreciation of nature.

About my latest book, Sometimes We Drift: Poems of Regret, Ruination, and Renewal

Written with deeply personal insight, Sometimes We Drift: Poems of Regret, Ruination and Renewal, is a collection of poems in three parts, thematically different in their thrust and emphasis, suggesting a progression from pain to positivity on the bridge between near death of self, and the resurrection of the soul.

Introspection into the heart and mind, in an effort to become whole, exposes the vulnerability of even the strongest among us. As we question ourselves in love and in living, we validate the conflicts many of us face over and over again in our daily lives, including relationships and traumatic natural events over which we have no control.

Douglas Crotty allows us to see through the eyeglass of the human condition, examining the very heart of emotions in our struggle for redemption, in our choices, and in relationships with ourselves and others.

Through his conversational, emotional style, marked by sensitivity and clear imagery, he leads us to a realization of the unquestionable significance of positivity and mindfulness in one's triumph over hopelessness and the damaging realities of life.

Editors Choice     Winner of iUniverse Editor's Choice Award